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Where We Intersect the Science and Art of Weight Loss

At Frazine Medical Weight Loss, we understand that everyone’s body is different. That’s why we never use a “one-size-fits-all” approach to our weight loss programs. We prefer to combine the art of considering each patient and their circumstances with the science of using effective clinical programs to monitor your health, keep you motivated, and deliver desired results.

To us, weight management is not just watching the numbers tick down on the scale. It’s providing sustainable outcomes through verified methods to maximize patient health and satisfaction.

Our Facility

A Clinic With Everything You Need

When you visit us, you’ll come to our state-of-the-art weight loss clinic in Paducah. Our facilities include nutrition planning and education, an expansive fitness laboratory, and cutting-edge body composition technology as available resources for monitoring progress. We have everything you need to precisely analyze the effects of your weight loss treatment.

Our History

About Frazine Medical Weight Loss

Our inception emerged from years of firsthand medical experience and observation. Dr. Ryan Frazine practiced for many years in internal medicine and identified trends that revealed the role of excess weight in chronic diseases. Motivated to deliver patients better long-term results by treating their conditions at the source, Dr. Frazine started to partner with some of his patients in 2017 to educate them on evidence-based, data-driven strategies to make lifestyle changes and manage their weight.

Since then, Dr. Frazine’s medical weight loss clinic in Paducah has expanded to collaborating with other weight loss specialists to treat more patients at an individual level. We believe that weight loss is achievable through participating in a structured program, using science-based methods, and following a plan designed specifically for you.

Our Core Values


Comprehensive Programs

We believe in creating custom, comprehensive programs for everyone, at any stage in their weight loss journey.


Medical and Scientific Expertise

We value providing medical expertise informed by our years of experience at Frazine Medical Weight Loss and by data-driven methods.


Compassionate, Welcoming Care

We prioritize making patients feel comfortable and welcome, and offering them personalized solutions to their needs.


Meet the Frazine Medical Weight Loss Team

Led by Dr. Ryan Frazine, the expert team at Frazine Medical Weight Loss are driven by ensuring patient health and happiness while providing systematic and clinically proven results. With our team members specializing in obesity medicine, we are committed to supporting you on your weight loss journey

Meet the Team


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