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Wellness Starts Within

Wellness isn’t just a number on the scale. It involves better habits for sleep, exercise, nutrition, and mental health. It builds motivation so that when you reach your target weight, you can maintain your health journey and continue your own personal goals for self-improvement.


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While we value meeting your weight loss goals, we also prioritize helping you make overall behavioral and lifestyle changes to maximize wellness beyond weight reduction. Throughout your weight loss program, we incorporate the foundations of wellness to help you feel great both on the outside and on the inside. As part of our treatment at Frazine Medical Weight Loss, we offer wellness coaching in Paducah to help you build lifelong habits to improve your life and health.

Wellness Counseling Details

Goal setting

Stress management

Understanding eating triggers

Breaking behavior chains

Our Pillars of Weight Loss

Sustainable calorie reduction

Adequate protein intake

Exercise, including resistance training

Weight management medication

Healthy lifestyle habits

Why Try Wellness Coaching in Paducah?


Improved Outlook

With a better grasp on wellness, taking concrete steps can leave you feeling more positive and capable.

Healthier Habits

No matter your background, healthier habits can benefit you in any aspect of your life. Consistent behavior results in better health.

Sustainable Results

These principles aren’t just for your weight loss program—they’re applicable and sustainable for your whole lifestyle.

What to Expect

The Wellness Coaching Process


Step 1:Consultation

At your initial consultation, we analyze your physical health and mental health to understand where your overall wellness is at. We’ll ask you questions and review your medical history, and we use this information to establish weight loss and wellness objectives that fit your goals.


Step 2: Education Sessions

Since wellness is built over time, we provide education sessions to help you learn about what you can implement into your daily lifestyle. You’ll meet with one of our specialists and they will check in with your progress, extend guidance, and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.


Step 3: Weekly Check-Ins

Our weekly check-ins are intended to give you support throughout your health journey. During this time, we also ask about your overall wellness during your program, including your emotional and mental health, and we offer education and accountability to address your questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does wellness coaching work?

When you meet with us for wellness coaching sessions, we help you identify your own goals for change, develop an action plan, and provide accountability.

What changes in lifestyle should I expect?

Lifestyle changes depend on your personal goals that you identify in your 1-on-1 meetings. We guide you on behavior changes specific to your needs to develop lifelong habits.

Why do I need wellness coaching?

While a weight loss plan produces more immediate results, making an overall lifestyle change helps you maintain them. Wellness also addresses aspects of your emotional and mental health in addition to physical health. Our staff provides the resources you need to make a change, guides you through the process of developing healthy habits, and keeps you accountable.

Take The First Step Toward a Healthier, Happier You

Our comprehensive programs address all aspects of medical weight loss and support you every step of the way with expert knowledge, regular visits, phone check-ins, and app-based tracking. Request a consultation with the top weight loss center in Paducah to get started!