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You may have heard that weight loss starts in the kitchen, but it can be difficult to actualize without the guidance of a certified nutrition expert. After your initial consultation, you will meet with our weight loss specialists to discuss and create specific nutrition plans including healthy meal replacement options.


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Our nutrition prescription revolves around three key concepts: adequate protein intake, calorie reduction, and meal replacements. Adding in high-quality protein to your meals preserves lean body tissue and keeps you feeling fuller. A calorie deficit is required for weight loss and encourages your body to use stored fat deposits for energy. Meal replacements offer a simple and convenient way to track calories and ingest healthy, high-protein foods.

Nutrition Prescription Details

Calculate necessary protein to maintain your lean mass 

Determine appropriate calorie amount for your weight loss goals

Integrate healthy meal replacements

Adjust plan as needed based on individual results

Our Pillars of Weight Loss

Sustainable calorie reduction

Adequate protein intake

Exercise, including resistance training

Weight management medication

Healthy lifestyle habits

Why Try Nutrition Counseling in Paducah?


Registered Dietician

Our staff includes a full time registered dietician with years of experience in weight loss and all areas of nutrition to guide your nutrition journey.

Healthier Eating Habits

Healthier food choices sustain you with the energy, vitamins, and minerals you need to make the most out of your everyday life.

Lasting Benefits

Better eating habits give long-lasting benefits beyond just losing weight, including lowering your risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and more.

What to Expect

The Nutrition Prescription Process


Step 1:Consultation

Once you get in contact with us, you will schedule your initial consultation to discuss your situation and health history with one of our weight specialists. This gives us a better understanding of your goals and of your struggles so we can create a program individualized to you.


Step 2: Nutrition Counseling

After your consultation, you will meet with our weight loss staff to review nutrition plans and meal replacement options. Our goal is to develop new, healthier behaviors around food that become long-term habits. From there, we provide you with detailed instructions on your program and your nutrition plan, so that you can get started with a comprehensive understanding of the process.


Step 3: Weekly Check-in

Your structured plan involves higher protein consumption, reduced calorie intake, and convenient meal replacements, in addition to our other weight loss components. As you follow your program, you will check in weekly either in person or via phone with our weight loss staff to provide education, support, and accountability. You can ask any questions or let them know about your successes and struggles that week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need more protein?

Protein is an incredibly valuable nutrient that many patients don’t eat enough of. It helps your muscles recover and build after exercise, builds lean muscle, helps maintain healthy weight, reduces hunger, and keeps you full longer. With lower carbohydrate and higher protein intake, your body takes its energy from fat stores rather than carbohydrates from food, resulting in weight loss.

What are "meal replacements"?

Meal replacements are convenient and healthy options, such as nutritional shakes, puddings, soups, and bars, that replace regular meals. They let you eat a full meal’s worth of food while tracking exact quantities of calories and nutrients. Part of nutrition planning is understanding all the nutrients you should consume in a day, since many people don’t have the resources or time to make healthy meal choices all the time.

Won't I feel hungry because I'm eating less food?

We create our programs with a foundation in scientifically proven weight loss principles. Losing weight is difficult because your body is designed to counter weight loss efforts and to hold on to as many nutrients and calories as it can for survival. We reduce calories at a fast enough rate that you can see and feel results, while also maximizing retention of lean body mass. With our careful nutrition planning in combination with our other weight loss treatments, you’ll still feel satisfied and have the energy to make the most of your healthier self.

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Our comprehensive programs address all aspects of medical weight loss and support you every step of the way with expert knowledge, regular visits, phone check-ins, and app-based tracking. Request a consultation with the top weight loss center in Paducah to get started!