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Exercise Your Right To a Healthier Lifestyle

Weight loss starts in the kitchen, but regular exercise maintains it. Physical fitness is a vital part of losing weight and strengthening your body. We incorporate regular exercise including resistance training into your weight loss program to promote maintenance of lean body mass, improve cardiovascular health, and boost your metabolism.


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If you’ve never been exposed to a consistent exercise routine, trying it for the first time can be daunting. The team of board-certified specialists at Frazine Medical Weight Loss instruct you on your weight loss exercise program in Paducah and what to expect so you feel comfortable beginning your new routine. By introducing an exercise plan, we aim to encourage permanent behavioral and lifestyle changes beyond just weight loss for your improved well-being.

Exercise Guidance Details

Resistance training to help maintain lean body mass

Cardiovascular exercise to increase calorie burn and improve heart health

Suggestions for gym or home-based exercises

Personalized for your abilities

Our Pillars of Weight Loss

Sustainable calorie reduction

Adequate protein intake

Exercise, including resistance training

Weight management medication

Healthy lifestyle habits

Why Try A Weight Loss Exercise Program in Paducah?


Improved Cardiovascular Health

Along with increasing your calorie burn, regular exercise strengthens your heart and lowers blood pressure.

Increased Lean Body Mass 

While exercise factors into weight loss, our goal is to increase your lean body mass and to maintain your metabolic rate, or the amount of calories you burn per day.

Boosted Mood and Mental Health

Exercise has been proven to improve not only mood, but mental health as well, which reinforces a positive outlook while on your weight loss journey.

What to Expect

The Exercise Guidance Process


Step 1: Initial Consultation

Exercise is just one component of our weight loss program. For a comprehensive understanding of you, your situation, and your goals, you’ll visit us for your initial consultation where we review your history with weight issues and medications. We take every piece of information into consideration while developing a detailed weight loss plan.


Step 2: Exercise Recommendations

Once we establish a weight loss program for you, we outline your exercise regimen and instruct you on various aspects of fitness training. We meet with you throughout your program to observe what works for you and to adjust your plan as needed.


Step 3: Weekly Check-in

Every week, we check in with you on the phone or in person to see how you are doing with not just your overall program but your fitness training as well. You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions or to update us so we can help you understand and make great choices for your health.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will I notice results?

We will monitor your changes in body composition every month. It’s difficult to gain lean muscle mass while losing weight, but we will observe to be sure you maintain as much lean mass as possible. Exercise encourages more lean muscle and faster weight loss, so you’ll notice results more quickly while implementing other treatments for weight reduction.

How many times a week should I exercise?

The amount of exercise per week varies from person to person. Typically, it’s recommended to have 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. We generally strive for resistance training two to three times per week, but we customize your program so that it’s manageable for you and accomplishes your goals.

Can I lose weight on specific parts of my body?

No, you can’t lose fat on specific parts of your body. When you take steps to lose fat through fitness training, it will reduce fat everywhere on your body. If your primary concern is stubborn fat in a specific area rather than general weight loss, you may want to check out our treatment options at <Frazine Wellness>.

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