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Obesity is a complex, chronic medical condition with many possible underlying causes that don’t stem from personal failing or lack of willpower. We believe it should be treated with a clinical, scientific approach combined with patient-centered care. For us, that approach starts with a comprehensive medical evaluation as your first step toward tangible results.


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At Frazine Medical Weight Loss, our medical evaluation consists of a detailed medical history, review of medications, laboratory evaluation, and body composition analysis, followed by monthly medical monitoring. We consider all of your medical information while carefully listening to you and your concerns and goals. Then we develop a personalized program for medical weight loss in Paducah that incorporates our other treatments: medication, nutrition planning, fitness training, and wellness counseling.


Medical Evaluation Details

Laboratory evaluation for causes and complications of weight

Body composition analysis

Detailed medical and weight history

Review of current medications for contributors to weight gain

Our Pillars of Weight Loss

Sustainable calorie reduction

Adequate protein intake

Exercise, including resistance training

Weight management medication

Healthy lifestyle habits

Why Do a Medical Evaluation?


Full Medical Understanding

Because weight struggles are rooted in medical issues, understanding your current health situation with concrete data informs how we approach your treatment.

Individualized Treatment

Since everyone’s body is unique, treatments may affect everyone differently. That’s why we tailor our treatment options based on your needs for your comfort and health.

Results Tracking

With an initial medical evaluation, we can compare results throughout treatment from when you started. This helps us identify what works for you and what doesn’t, so we can adjust your program along the way.

What to Expect

The Medical Evaluation


Step 1: Laboratory Results

Before your consultation, we first complete blood work and a body composition test. At our state-of-the-art energy and fitness lab, we can conduct tests to analyze your body composition for a better picture of your health. This gives us the data we need to establish a baseline for your progress and to determine areas of improvement.


Step 2: Consultation

Now that we’ve obtained the necessary data, we want to hear from you firsthand. At your introductory consultation, you’ll meet with one of our specialists to go over your health history and your prior issues with weight. We review your current medications to identify potential reasons for weight gain. Lastly, we discuss your motivations and goals for losing weight to create a program suited for your needs.


Step 3: Weekly Check-Ins

To follow up on how you adjust to our weight loss program, we check in with you every week to provide education, support, and accountability. We keep track of your medications and evaluate your well-being to see how we should modify your plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you review my current medications?

There are many medications out there that can actually cause weight gain. Some make you feel hungrier, which makes you eat more than you normally would and gain weight. Taking a look at your current medication allows us to identify any medicine that could potentially interfere with your weight loss—and explain why you may have been struggling recently to eliminate the weight.

Are the tests safe?

The tests we run at our fitness lab are completely safe, noninvasive, and quick! We use a variety of cutting-edge equipment to deliver quantifiable results.

What is the InBody Body Composition Test?

The number on the scale doesn’t tell you how much of your body is muscle or how much is fat. The InBody Body Composition Test accurately measures your body composition in less than 45 seconds and prints out your results. From there, we can develop a more effective weight loss plan to target body fat while keeping or growing your lean muscle.

Take The First Step Toward a Healthier, Happier You

Our comprehensive programs address all aspects of medical weight loss and support you every step of the way with expert knowledge, regular visits, phone check-ins, and app-based tracking. Request a consultation with the top weight loss center in Paducah to get started!