Careers At Frazine Medical Weight Loss

Careers at Frazine Medical Weight Loss

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Located in Paducah, KY, Frazine Medical Weight Loss has been paving the way for science-informed, patient-centered weight loss care since 2017. We founded Frazine Medical Weight Loss to help patients who struggle with weight management through comprehensive and supportive treatment programs. Our programs are customized for each patient to provide them their desired outcome and to encourage lifelong healthy habits.

Who We Are

About Frazine Medical Weight Loss

Our medical director, Dr. Ryan Frazine, opened Frazine Medical Weight Loss in 2017 in an ongoing effort to address underlying issues of chronic diseases and to help patients feel their best. He brought on other professionals specializing in weight loss, nutrition, and fitness to serve more patients and to meet their various needs. Since opening, Frazine Medical Weight Loss has helped hundreds of patients achieve their goals through high-quality, individualized care.

What We Are For

Our Mission

At Frazine Medical Weight Loss, we use proven methods and personalized support to help our patients lose weight and live fuller and healthier lives. We believe in and demonstrate the science and art of weight loss by intersecting scientific programs with compassionate patient care.

Our Core Values


Comprehensive Programs

We believe in creating custom, comprehensive programs for everyone, at any stage in their weight loss journey.


Medical and Scientific Expertise

We value providing medical expertise informed by our years of experience at Frazine Medical Weight Loss and by data-driven methods.


Compassionate, Welcoming Care

We prioritize making patients feel comfortable and welcome, and offering them personalized solutions to their needs.


Our Culture

Dr. Frazine leads with compassion and direction as the medical director of Frazine Medical Weight Loss. We always look for ways to grow as individuals and as a company. We offer numerous career development opportunities for medical professionals.


Meet the Team


Start Your Career With Us

We always value having skilled and caring medical professionals on our team. If that describes you, please feel free to fill out the application below!


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