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Are you ready to overcome the challenges to losing weight and become your most healthy self? We can help you with proven methods that remove the guesswork from weight loss.

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   Life’s joys are boundless when your body can achieve what the heart and mind desire.   

Almost daily, Dr. Ryan Frazine treats patients with medical conditions that can be traced back to having excess weight or obesity. Conditions such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, joint pain, and sleep apnea can be life-limiting and expensive to manage. For years, he wished to treat the root cause and go beyond treating the complications of overweight and obesity. Finally, in January 2017, he began to partner with some of his patients to provide both the nutrition and knowledge necessary to make a true lifestyle change. Armed with evidenced-based, data-driven strategies, this successful partnership has led to an ongoing reduction in obesity and its related health effects for numerous patients.

Now you can partner with Frazine Medical Weight Loss.

Dr. Frazine’s prescription during weight loss is healthy meal replacements, lifestyle modification, and education that help overcome the mental, emotional and physical barriers to losing weight. Dr. Frazine’s program encompasses the four pillars of successful weight loss: nutrition, physical activity, behavior modification, and FDA approved medications if needed. Healthy meal replacements are utilized to simplify your journey to a healthy weight. Dr. Frazine’s professional team is dedicated to helping improve your lifestyle with a belief that you deserve it, your family deserves it, and life’s joys are boundless when your body can achieve what the heart and mind desire.

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