Here at Frazine Medical Weight Loss, we have assembled a team of caring, compassionate providers.  We have created an environment filled with positivity and encouragement where our patients are able to thrive.

Dr. Frazine | Ryan Frazine | Medical Weight Loss

Dr. Frazine

Dr. Ryan Frazine is board certified in Internal Medicine and by the American Board of Obesity Medicine. He is the medical director of the program.

Dr. Frazine | Carla Frazine | Medical Weight Loss

Carla Frazine

Carla Frazine, PA-C, is a board-certified Physician Assistant. She sees patients for preprogram assessments and monthly follow-up visits.

Dr. Frazine | Sandy Stratemeyer | Medical Weight Loss

Sandy Stratemeyer

Sandy Stratemeyer is the Program Coordinator and has a degree in Foods in Business. Sandy oversees the program and conducts weekly educational sessions.

Dr. Frazine | Sarah Christiansen | Medical Weight Loss

Sara Christiansen

Sara Christiansen is a registered dietician with a specialty in sports dietetics. She is also a certified personal trainer. Sara develops meal plans and conducts weekly educational sessions.

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