I have a friend going to Frazine Medical Weight Loss.  I’ve watched my friend transforming into a slender and healthier person.  So, I decided to give this weight loss plan a try.  I have over weight family members on multiple medications to treat high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, coronary artery disease, etc.  Even though not high, the last few years my blood pressure and blood sugar have been slowly creeping up.  I do not want to take a handful of pills every day to live.  I needed to lose weight and change my eating habits.

I have been on the Frazine weight loss plan for about 3 months and have lost around 30 pounds.  I have more energy, feel better and feel better about myself.  All of my bloodwork numbers have dramatically lowered.  I am able to do more physically since losing the weight.  It doesn’t hurt me to sit in the floor and play with my grandkids now.

When you follow the plan the weight just melts away.  I have lost weight faster on this plan than any other plan I have tried.  It’s a great way to lose weight without the hassle of figuring out what to eat.  There is no counting calories, fat or carbs.  You follow the plan; you lose weight.  They keep a check on your bloodwork to ensure you are losing the weight healthily.

The staff at Frazine Medical Weight Loss is so friendly and helpful.  They offer encouragement without belittling you as some medical professionals do.  They genuinely care and help you make this transformation in your eating habits, lifestyle and body.  Sandy is great at teaching you how to lose the weight, eat right and be a healthier person.  This has been the best weight loss experience.  I am very thankful for everything they have done for me.  I would certainly recommend this program to anyone needing to lose weight.

– E. Howe

My wife and I were initially attracted to this program because we both preferred one that was medically supervised.  We both had a significant amount to lose and felt it would be a safer approach.  We were also attracted to this program since it incorporated weekly weigh-ins, health evaluations, blood work,  and education.  I was also impressed because it puts a big emphasis on the maintenance phase, which is where most programs fail.  We’ve found that if you listen to Dr. Frazine and his staff, you will lose weight!  There is a good selection of filling meal replacements.  You do have to be honest with yourself and put in HARD work, but the program works if you put in the effort.  I feel this program is life-saving and life-changing.  My quality of life is better, and I’m way more active with less pain.  My balance has greatly improved, and I’m able to work out at least three times per week.  Participating in this program has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time.  It has had a positive impact on every aspect of my life.  I feel better physically and mentally.  For me, this was a much better option than bariatric surgery.  Dr. Frazine has assembled a great group of medical professionals and staff.  They always treat everyone with care and respect, are always supportive, and make you feel like part of the family.  They truly care.  I have recommended and continue to recommend the program to others.  I tell people all of the time that not only has Dr. Frazine’s weight program changed my life for the better, it’s saving my life.

– Bart Sorrells

When I first started the new direction weight management program, I had been trying to lose a large amount of weight for 2 years. I was very unhealthy and unhappy with myself. I have been on countless diets that would help me lose 5 or 10 pounds. Unfortunately, that 5 or 10 pounds would not stay off. With the New Direction Weight Management, I have been able to lose 41 pounds over a stretch of months. I am STILL LOSING! What makes this diet different than all of the fab diets out there, is that it is Doctor Monitored. Your progress is charted every week when you meet for classes that prepare you for life after this diet. It is also different because the program offers food that fits your plan which makes busy people like me able to stick to the diet. The food’s pretty great too! You are also surrounded with a group of doctors and nurses who care so much about your success. Every step of the way, they are encouraging and celebrating your success.  I highly recommend this program to anyone who is ready and dedicated not only to losing weight, but to keeping it off too.

– Taylor Shelby

My name is Sharon Coffey and I am 71 years old.

Dr. Frazine suggested New Direction to me when I had my yearly check-up. I had tried other diet plans which worked while I was buying their food or counting points; however, when I stopped using their program(s), I gained the weight back. Most likely the difference was that they were programs, and New Direction is a lifestyle change and a way to eat correctly in order to lose and maintain weight control.

New Direction gave me the elements I needed to control my weight. I wanted a plan that would work, and I wouldn’t regain the weight. New Direction is easy, and I have never been hungry since I started the plan. New Direction teaches you how to eat correctly and how to control portions. I can now wear clothes that I haven’t been able to wear in several years. I discovered a brand new wardrobe. I feel really good about myself. The education modules give you much help, and the staff at Dr. Frazine’s office is awesome. They are very helpful and supportive. I would recommend New Direction for anyone who wants to lose weight and keep it off. With the support of Dr. Frazine and his fantastic staff, you can meet both of these goals.

– Sharon Coffey

I am 56 years of age.  I have struggled for several years trying to lose weight.  I consider myself to be a yoyo. Tired, no energy to do anything, no desire to do anything.  I had been going each week to another weight loss program in which I would get a B12 injection, phentermine or metformin, and vitamin supplement. I did not lose any weight.

A church member and long-time friend told me about Frazine Medical Weight Loss; they had started it, were getting fabulous results, and explained it to me.  I hesitated to start another program. But in June I started the program.  I have seen amazing results for me, and the meal replacements are easy being a single person.  I don’t like going to the grocery.  I would recommend this for anyone trying to lose weight.  The staff is outstanding.  They talk with you and give you information regarding when you go back to normal food and retrain your thinking about food.

– Jody

I first heard about the New Direction weight loss program when Dr. Frazine discussed it with me during an office visit.  After hearing other success stories, I became more interested in the program and thought I would give it a try.  This program has been very easy for me to follow.  The hardest part is deciding on which meal replacement I want to have and when.  The beverages are easy to mix and can drink while on the go, while the bars satisfy your chewing sensation.  While being on the program for 12 weeks, I have lost 60 lbs.  Before the program, I would be exhausted from a day’s work and wouldn’t want to do anything but sit in my recliner. This loss has made me feel alive again.   I have more energy and want to go all the time.  I’ve been able to stop three of my medications, including insulin.  My blood pressure and blood sugars are the lowest that they have been in over two years.  Initially, I had doubts about this diet.  I was worried that I would not be able to abide by the program without regular food, but it has been the easiest diet I’ve tried.  You know exactly what you can eat and how much and I don’t feel hungry.  I’ve never lost weight this well on previous diets. I’m very pleased with my results thus far and I recommend this program to anyone who wants to lose weight, especially if they have diabetes or have hypertension.

– Rebecca Scheer

I was not morbidly overweight but I was overweight and needed to lose some weight to be more physically fit and to improve my overall health.  My cholesterol and triglycerides were elevated, and I was taking prescription drugs to control.  I was also taking blood pressure medicine.  I was walking about 2 miles, 5 times a week, but had noticed that I was finding it increasingly more difficult to keep up with my walking friends. I had tried to lose weight before and found that I could lose but then over a period of time would gain back what I had lost.

I heard about the program being offered through Advanced Internal Medicine that was designed to not only help you lose weight but help you keep it off.  After seeing the successes that some were having with the program and after talking with the staff, I decided to try it.

Since I was not extremely overweight we decided to follow a program that let me eat one “regular meal” a day and use the food from the program for the remaining meals.  I did follow the program as exactly as I could with very little variation.  I found the program was easy to follow and the results were very encouraging.  In about two months I was able to lose about 30 pounds which was approximately my goal.

I have found that I can now keep up with my walking friends and they now are actually having trouble keeping up with me.  My blood tests have been greatly improved with my total cholesterol dropping from 188 to 161 and my triglycerides dropping from 193 to 150 from what they had been about eight months earlier.  I have quit taking one of my blood pressure pills and have cut some of my other medications in half.

I have managed to maintain this new weight within a few pounds of my goal and have found that if I do eat a little too much it is easy to use the program to get back to my goal.  I found the program relatively easy to follow and the results have in my case been excellent.  I would recommend the program to those who need to lose some weight and also to those who need to lose a lot of weight.

– Dale

Over the years I had put on weight until just walking I was short of breath.  I tried to diet but did not have any success.  When Ryan explained the New Direction program I thought it was a diet I could do (I could still have a diet Dr. Pepper) but since he is my son I worried I would be a failure to his program.  I was put on the program that was 2 meal replacements and one regular meal a day.  Six months later I have lost 50 pounds and feel much better.  I walk around 2 miles a day and go to a gym three days a week. The food for the meal replacements is good and I will continue to use the bars for snacks and the shakes for a quick breakfast.  The program teaches you to be aware of what you are eating and how to make healthy choices so you can keep the weight off.  I have and will continue to recommend the program.  It is an excellent way to lose weight without feeling starved.  You can still enjoy dining out and eating your favorite foods by just using portion control and healthy choices.

– Glenda Frazine

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