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Dr. Ryan Frazine’s many years in internal medicine led him to a significant conclusion: the most effective way to treat many chronic diseases is to address the underlying issue of excess weight. And a true lifestyle change is the only way to lose the weight and keep it off. We want to help patients achieve long-term weight loss through lifelong changes in dietary, behavioral, and activity patterns. FDA approved medications are available if needed, but the real change comes from overcoming the mental, emotional and behavioral challenges to diet and exercise that can make it difficult to be our healthiest selves. Our staff offers a friendly, supportive environment that helps you become the hero of your own story – the story of achieving your goal weight, feeling better, and maintaining your new, healthy lifestyle. We take the work out of meal planning and preparation for you and allow you to focus only on sticking to the path. The approach is straightforward, proven, scientific, and demystifies the challenges to losing the weight.
We have multiple pathways to this healthy transformation, and they all start with an initial medical screening including history and physical examination, labs, and an EKG. Psychological, emotional, and motivational readiness and body composition are also assessed. This thorough examination provides a medical baseline and allows the staff to address your individual medical needs as you begin your weight loss journey. Depending on your health and goals, the weight reduction is fueled by New Direction meal replacements for all or part of your meals. Following achievement of your goal weight, you will enter the Thrive Maintenance program. Here we continue to track patients to ensure the weight loss is maintained.

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